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A rapidly growing
business reinventing
how you buy jewellery

Luxury jewellery
and diamond specialist.

Vashi came to us when they needed to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2. With ambitious plans and a deadline of just four months, this project was a challenging one! As always, we delivered.

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We build our websites using a modern, forward-thinking approach called Headless.

This keeps the website lightweight, fast, and very flexible. By using the power of Magento's functionality, coupled with a fast app-like frontend we're able to delivery PWA enabled websites.

PWA-enabled websites can be installed on a phone, just like a native app but without the user needing to visit the app store. We can then enable offline browsing and native phone notifications to open up a whole new communication channel!

We build great websites but don’t just take our word for it…

reduction in bounce rate
increase in pages/session
in average session duration
our approach

We use a careful and considered approach to deliver every project. All of our projects begin with a discovery phase, which is designed to align the teams and give us a deeper understanding of your brand and your goals.

With so much complex functionality

to integrate, it was important to ensure that we were on the same page as Vashi from day one. We held multiple discovery sessions and technical explorations to help us map out and define exactly what the end product would look and feel like. We then developed in multiple streams to allow us to focus on each of the products within the website build individually. With quality at the heart of the Vashi brand, their website needed to represent this. They certainly picked the right agency for the job!

What makes the Vashi
website special?

Build your own diamond ring

We were tasked with creating a complex, 10-step ring builder. That’s right, 10 steps! The customisation of the ring allows all aspects to be changed, while allowing the customer to visualise those changes as they’re guided through the process. With so many permutations to cover, this was a huge challenge. Yet not only did we deliver the required functionality, we also ensured that it was fast and enjoyable to use.

Love Story journey

The journey is what makes Vashi different from other jewellers. Customers are invited to go on their own journey of creation, and Love Story enables them to share the experience with a loved one. Using Love Story functionality, customers can upload stories and pictures to create a journey that they can print and share alongside their beautiful new engagement ring.

Omnichannel booking system

With many stores situated across the country, a store locator was a must-have for Vashi. Customers are able to book in-store appointments, so of course we made this functionality available on every store page.

Bespoke production management tool

As store staff guide customers through the process of crafting their very own bespoke ring, it was important for them to have a way of logging the process, tracking inventory and moving through various statuses. We came up with the perfect solution, and built Vashi a Magento-powered in-store app with QA code scanning.

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