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Fujifilm’s eCommerce store, MyFUJIFILM provides a one-stop-shop for everything from canvases, posters, and albums to photo books. Tom&Co were over the moon to have been approached by one of the biggest names in photographic history. Tasked with re-platforming their German website to Adobe Commerce, with ambitious plans to re-platform their other websites. A headless website was the ideal stratgery for MyFUJIFILM as they set out to align all of their websites across six regions, ultimately strengthening their web strategy. Keeping the customer at the forefront of our minds, the goal was to align the customer journeys by connecting people through a shared love of memories and photography. By adding ‘customer stories’ to inspire and resonate as well as featuring ‘occasion’ gifts for key life events such as weddings on landing pages we were able to transform the site into a community and information hub as opposed to a simple eCommerce site.

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Creating a flashy UX to suit Fujifilm’s varied audience was instrumental in driving the success of the new website

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Designing a Picture Perfect UX...

We have all experienced the typical look & feel that photo printing sites have - bad navigation, long descriptions plonked sitewide, not to mention, the lack of authentic-looking sample images used on the products. FUJI set out to breathe new life into the category. Launching MyFUJIFILM’s new website in a headless setup allowed us to unmarry the front and back ends of the site, enabling complete design freedom. Headless flexibility allowed MyFUJIFILM to undergo an imagery overhaul to showcase the products through CGI, Hotspot and visualiser-swatches, allowing customers to 'see' how big, shiny, or deep a product really is. Demystifying the products has improved customers' confidence, lowering complaints and increasing Average Order Value by 5.9%

Creating a flashy UX to suit Fujifilm’s varied audience was instrumental in driving the success of the new website

Advanced visualiser technology IP LABS has also been implemented to create a seamless UX for MyFUJIFILM’s varied audience, ranging from professional photographers to families wishing to print photo-books.

What Were The Results:
We did a comparison year-on-year of 2023, compared to 2022 and the results were staggering!
48 %
increase in conversion rate
57 %
increase in AOV. Cha-ching!
5 %
Decrease in page load time

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