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Design & UX

Style and Substance

We think expecting the whole package should be the norm. We offer brains as well as beauty for all our websites. We simply don’t accept that you have to compromise one to have the other.

We have been doing this a while...

We’ve got a proven track record in creating websites designed not just flawlessly in terms of the user interface, but also deliver a solid user experience. We’re really proud that our approach has attracted some of the largest Magento development projects in the UK.

The ‘Discovery Phase’

All our projects begin with a discovery phase, which is designed to align the teams and allows our team to delve into the identity, aims and objectives. Our design and project management teams ensure you are part of every decision, creating a site or new feature that feels like it really belongs to your business.

Oh! Did we mention...

Research and analysis

We believe the more thorough, in-depth, and well-organised the discovery stage is the smoother the project will be. This is why our design team comes well prepared, having carried out extensive research and analysis ahead of time. Information is, after all, power!

UX/UI Design

During this first stage, we’ll call on our trusted designers to deliver thoughtful design options, considering your branding, content, business and functional aims. Our design team has a lot of freedom due to our headless setup; it opens up endless freedom for design experimentation and means you won’t often hear a no to your ideas!


It doesn’t just stop there though. We firmly believe that seeing is believing so we take the time to prototype our design work so that feedback can be collected early. This means that even in the design phase it starts to feel like a functioning website and using our clever design tools we make it easy for you to feedback directly into the design files.

Case studies