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Keep Us Close

We aren’t going to abandon you once we press go on your new eCommerce solution. Unless you want us to, of course. We’ll stick around for as long as you need us, offering you access to our team dedicated to driving your eCommerce growth and maintaining your website for continued development. We want to work with you for the long run and make sure that your business reaches its fullest potential. Even Tom, our founder, will check in with you every so often to make sure the team are still keeping you happy ( and keeping us on our toes!).

We are in this together

We offer a range of retainer agreements to suit what you need. We can also offer extra benefits like a dedicated eCommerce account manager (AM). Our AMs are integral to the running of retainers, as they're constantly planning and scheduling work in collaboration with our clients. Our agile practices then allow us to time-box delivery into fortnightly sprints. What makes our retainers so popular with clients is that they're purely agreements. Nothing is signed and everything is flexible, allowing clients to scale up in advance of peak trading times to really provide that return on investment. No obligation, just what you need, when you need it.

Comminication is key

The key to any good relationship is communication. That’s why we don’t charge for phone calls, weekly meetings, or monthly meetings. We want you to talk to us as often as you like. We do believe in structure though, so we’ve carefully designed a process that means that our clients and our team know when and what needs to be communicated and sets expectations we’re keen to uphold.

They Say...

Working with Tom&Co has been like an extension to our own business. They have worked closely with us for many years to deliver fantastic growth. Their collaborative approach and use of headless technology have increased the productivity and delivered above and beyond our expectations. They are a key partner of ours and their length of service is testament to that.


What a typical retainer process would look like

Timed Delivery

A pre-agreed number of hours to deliver each month


Regular communication through phone calls and emails

Click up Tickets

Customer portal and ticketing system to manage task planning and communication

How it works

Here is what a typical retainer process would look like:

  • A pre-agreed number of hours to deliver each month
  • Regular communication through phone calls and emails
  • Customer portal and ticketing system to manage task planning and communication
  • Weekly planning sessions to agree on priorities and update on tasks in progress
  • Monthly meetings with Tom&Co senior team including a retrospective and an opportunity to discuss upcoming projects and opportunities
  • Freedom to spend your hours on Strategy, Development, Creative, and anything else we can help with
  • Regular customer satisfaction surveys just to make sure we didn’t miss anything
  • Running like clockwork

    One of the most precious things to us with our retainers is our ability to deliver the hours when you need them. We put a lot of effort into our planning and budgets to ensure we have resources available when you need them, so you never need to worry.

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