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Agent Provocateur
A top 250 IRUK
e-commerce retailer

Luxury global fashion brand with stores around the world.

We were honoured when Agent Provocateur chose to work with us. We think they made a great choice!

They came to us when they wanted to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2. It was our modern, Headless approach to building ecommerce websites that attracted Agent Provocateur to us, along with our strong partnership approach. We’re very proud that we were able to successfully launch their Headless Magento 2 website in 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown, with many of our staff working from home.

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We build our websites using a modern, forward-thinking approach called Headless.

This keeps the website fast, lightweight and flexible. By using the power of Magento’s functionality coupled with a quick, app-like front end, we’re able to deliver PWA-enabled websites.

PWA-enabled websites can be installed on a phone, just like a native app but without the user needing to visit the app store. We can then enable offline browsing and native phone notifications to open up a whole new communication channel!

We build great websites but don’t just take our word for it…

growth in
increase in mobile transactions
increase in session duration
our approach

We use a careful and considered approach to deliver every project. All of our projects begin with a discovery phase, which is designed to align the teams and give us a deeper understanding of your brand and your goals.

With Agent Provocateur, we wanted to build a luxurious ecommerce site

that embodied the brand’s extravagant personality, as well as their impressive history. From day one, we took a holistic approach to this project, as Agent Provocateur is part of a larger group of brands. The plan was always to use the Agent Provocateur website as a template for future websites, so we kept this in mind.

What makes the Agent
Provocateur website special?

Global website

Agent Provocateur is an international brand, with a physical presence around the world. To back this up, we launched the website across four regions and three currencies to cover deliveries around the globe!

Headless approach

Agent Provocateur wanted their new website to have a luxury feel, which is something we do pretty well. A Headless approach is perfect for this! The speed and smoothness of the page transitions sets the website apart from the competition. As an extra bonus, admin are able to edit the pages customers see using Tom&Co’s iCMS editor.

Microsoft Business Central ERP

Almost as big as they come, an advanced two-way sync with Microsoft Business Central ERP was a necessity. This was implemented at a group level, along with other major brands owned by the group. You should know by now that we love a challenge!

Store locator

With shops around the world, a store locator function was essential. Customers are able to book in-store appointments, so we made this functionality available on every store page.

GiveX omni-channel gift card

Agent Provocateur’s customers often shop both online and in-store, so it was important for gift card functionality to sync seamlessly between the two. To achieve this, we integrated with a third party service called GiveX, which means that customers can keep a balance on their gift cards that stays in sync across the two channels. Pretty neat.

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