A holistic oversight & transformation solution crafted to deliver full cycle E-Commerce optimisation

Horizon is a cross-functional program that will deliver a homogenous collaboration of any/all contributors including internal client resources, Tom&Co teams and any 3rd party providers. This is key in order to create a single KPI plan that aligns all workstreams and augments success in all areas.

Insight + Method = Results

A/B Testing, MVT, UX/UI, however you look at it, all touchpoints of a website visitor’s experience are candidates for optimisation with a view to achieving a desired outcome (sales, leads, subscriptions…)

Evolved CRO doesn’t work in isolation but spans the full E-2-E cycle from traffic acquisition to retention. It is data driven, formulaic and strategically approached.

A Modular Solution 

Horizon is our holistic framework to approaching your strategy needs. It is designed to bring to life a single vision of all key functions within E-Comm & Digital Marketing (CRO / PPC / SEO / CRM & more) The solution can be deployed tactically on a modular basis so that we can assist you in a development and growth strategy as you need us. Central to the proposition is Single Vision KPI reporting and we can activate the various modules simultaneously or over time.

Intelligence & Analysis

A crucial component of what we do is razor-sharp data driven insight gathering and interpretation. From competitor gap & pricing analysis, to forensic understanding and validation of your Ecomm performance metrics. customer data sets and product intelligence. Horizon presents qualified and actionable hypotheses alongside an actionable delivery roadmap to optimise your E-2-E digital performance.

Collaborative Approach

Horizon is an extension of your team. We help identify the organisational structure & skillsets that will best suit your goals and shape this over time into a strategic “touchpoints team” - clear, competent & collaborative individuals pulling together to achieve a common goal. The team is “employer agnostic” meaning it is built of a blend of resources both in-house, agency & 3rd parties that are all aligned and in-sync with the strategy & reporting framework.

We’ve maintained relationships for 10 years+ by holding this highly collaborative approach and look forward to exploring this with you!

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