Scooting into success:

Micro Scooters

Surges with an 80% Increase in Engaged Sessions

80% Increase in Engaged Sessions.

The Microscooter’s vision was born after two super mums, Anna and Philippa, put their heads together to find a unique way to make the hectic morning routines more manageable. They came up with the Microscooter concept, and shortly after it was as if all their prayers had been answered. All of a sudden their children had brushed their teeth and laced shoes, raring to scoot to school.

Services we Provide

Something short and simple here

Service one

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Something short and simple here

Service one

Service two

Service three

Service four

The ‘Make it Better’ Motto

Twenty successful years later, ‘make it better’  is still the motto that drives the Microscooters ethos today. It is most certainly
the case for how they approach their people and the planet, but let’s not forget their website!


Build Your Scooter, Build Your Adventure

Being masters themselves at making journeys more fun, the site needed to mirror this experience. Although the grown-ups are ultimately the purchasing customers, the end users for the majority of Microscooters are kids (and big kids!) so identifying areas where we could gamify the buying experience and have the children involved in the online shopping experience made perfect sense. The 'Build a Scooter,’ feature gave children the ultimate freedom to choose their gear tape, font, and text colours and to add their name.

Safety First

Focusing our attention on the adults, Microscooters were aware that a number one concern for parents would be the safety of their children. With this in mind, we simplified the customer navigation journey to direct parents to pages with video content showing the rigorous testing the scooters go through before being placed on the market. These unbreakable scooters are built to last, making them a great investment, plus friendly for the planet.

The Scooter Advisor

Now that we had the parents fully assured that they were investing in an environmentally friendly and safe toy for their children, we now wanted to help guide them to their perfect purchase.

Design UX

With a unique product in the market a key challenge was to help customers find the right product.

Less is more, just not when it comes to Scooters!

No Microscooter would be complete without some accessories, for a little added safety or just a bit of pizazz. Have you spotted the cuddly heads or snap band bracelets to add to the scooter pole, they are adorable! Microscooters added the helpful accessories page to keep them all in one handy place.

Rolling Out Exceptional Service

As great customer experience is a key objective for Microscooters, this meant perfecting their customer service offering to match the quality of the Scooters themselves.

Big Things Are Coming (In small packages!) -( I need to confirm if I can include a mention of this.)

Just when you think you have seen it all, Microscooters have created what they call the Microlino miniature car and the Microletta Electric three-wheel Scooter.

What Were The Results:
We did a comparison year-on-year of 2023, compared to 2022 and the results were staggering!
56 %
Engaged sessions increased by
90 %
The engagement rate was up by:
23 %
There were over 1.2 million new users which was an increase of

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