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Tom&Co's Award Cabinet: The Adobe Experience Maker Awards

India Claydon


It was recently announced that Tom&Co had once again been shortlisted for Adobe Experience Maker Awards 2022 for ‘The Maverick Awards’ for our client Oliver Bonas. This award recognizes the company pushing the boundaries of innovation in customer experience through bold, out-of-the box thinking and groundbreaking use of an Adobe Experience Cloud solution. We are so excited to find out if we are the winner in tomorrow’s ceremony.

We wanted to take a moment to reflect on a very proud moment for Tom&Co in 2021. As a Silver Adobe Partner, achieving recognition from Adobe themselves was always going to be huge.
The Adobe Experience Maker Awards are held in high regard in the world of eCommerce, recognising the very best teams that work to uncover new opportunities and reimagine digital experience. 2021 was their biggest year yet, with Leona Lewis opening the Awards Ceremony. Need we say more?
It has been reported that the 2021 year’s finalists were selected from a pool of submissions that were larger and more diverse than ever. The number of submissions increased nearly 60% compared to 2020. We knew the competition would be tough so we were jumping for joy to find out we had made the finalist with our client Topps Tiles. In the final three, we were up against biscuit royalty Orea and Industry West for ‘The Mastermind.’
Being a finalist in an award called ‘The Masterrmind’ was bound to be like a great feeling, being crowned the winner was even better!

The Mastermind looked to Recognize a company that had unified the commerce experience across multiple channels for fulfilment anytime, anywhere. Topps Tiles perfectly fit this bill as our teams had worked hard to seamless integrate all 332 of Topps tiles physical stores with their online store. This was super important for Topps Tiles as 90% of its customers visit both the website and store.
How did we do this? Well, we are going to reveal our top three favourite things we did to create the most irresistible omnichannel experience.
Well, firstly, we got to know our audience. Topps Tiles is the biggest tile specialist in the UK (in fact Topps Tiles is googled more than the world ‘tiles’ itself), therefore our customer was looking for CHOICE. The interior design world can be overwhelming. With so much choice in material, shapes, finish...the mind boggles. To remedy this, we integrated not one but TWO specialised visualisers. This helped to merge online and offline worlds and really helped customers during a difficult year of store closures, whilst keeping up with the increase in demand to redecorate and get creative!

Up next we have Replatforming! We re-platformed Topps Tiles onto Magento 2.3 which allowed us to build the website headless, expanding the capabilities of the website beyond expectation. One of our favourite tools in our tool kit was the integration of the design advice area. we enable sales assistants' capability to connect to the customer using the website’s ‘store mode.' This provides the assistant with tools to explore the customer’s previous on-site behaviour and use the visualiser tools to build the customer’s basket. Instant quotes can then be sent directly from the store to the customer's email with total freedom to use anytime, anywhere. We recommend at home on the sofa with a glass of wine. I think we nailed it!

And finally, we don’t like to brag about our omnichannel capabilities but we had one other trick up our sleeve. We seamlessly integrated all 332 Topps Tiles stores with Click&Collect service. Through a complex ERP integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, customers can see in-store stock directly from the website. Delivering this best in class ERP integration system created two-way synch of instore stock and customer orders and shipments. The system even powers the tills, tracking all in-store and online transactions. This is extremely effective as it allows for full in-store stock visibility, meaning no customer ever leaves disappointed.
Our revolutionary stock awareness has been of paramount importance for Express Click&Collect. It tackled complex challenges of mixed baskets and different stock available in different stores, by providing visibility on items available and not available for express collection. Our omnichannel solution synched online and offline worlds, enabling customers to start their journey online and end offline and vice versa. Customers can select Click&Collect Express and collect within minutes of ordering or peruse the store and make the final call later using their instant quote. Aren’t we clever?
​We are so excited about the Adobe Experience Maker Awards 2022. We are in the running to win The Maverick with our client Oliver Bonas in the awards ceremony taking place tomorrow! Watch this space.
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