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One of the UK’s biggest
charities and a fondly
loved organisation

Online plants, gifts,
and subscriptions.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) previously had a whole host of websites running on a variety of platforms. It was pretty complex but as always, we rose to the challenge. We were able to streamline all of these sites onto a single website and a single platform. This is something that Magento handles very well.

Working to a fixed deadline, we launched their initial website within a period of just five months. Phased by deadlines? Us?! This was followed by the amalgamation of two more websites, as well as additional subscription integrations.

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We build our websites using a modern, forward-thinking approach called Headless.

This keeps the website fast, lightweight and flexible. By using the power of Magento’s functionality coupled with a quick, app-like front end, we’re able to deliver PWA-enabled websites.

PWA-enabled websites can be installed on a phone, just like a native app but without the user needing to visit the app store. We can then enable offline browsing and native phone notifications to open up a whole new communication channel!

We build great websites but don’t just take our word for it…

increase session
decrease in avarege page load time
increase in desktop conversion rate
our approach

We use a careful and considered approach to deliver every project. All of our projects begin with a discovery phase, which is designed to align the teams and give us a deeper understanding of your brand and your goals.

The RHS is a large organisation

and this project had lots of key stakeholders. Not only was it a huge ecommerce website build, it was also an exercise in complex project management. Luckily, we’re experts in both! The process was mapped out and timelined over 18 months, so setting clear milestones and deliverables was as important as the tech we used. It’s a good job we love a challenge. Using a combination of Agile and RAID, we made this project a big success.

What makes the RHS
website special?

Replatforming of the RHS Books & Gifts

This project was broken down into several clear phases, the first one being the Books & Gifts website. This enabled us to begin the complex migration
from their existing platforms across to a single Magento 2 platform.

Nav Commerce integration

Large organisations often require large integrations, and the RHS was no different. Magento’s role is purely as a front-end system, with all of the back-end operations and fulfilment sitting in Nav. Having a robust, fast, and reliable integration was key to the success of this project. We like to think that this is something we’re pretty good at!

Gifting functionality

Gifts are a key component of the RHS’ offering, so it was important for us to offer gifting functionality. At checkout, customers are able to select the gifting option, before adding their own message for the lucky recipient… does anyone fancy sending us a gift?

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