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Running Around Like Headless Chickens

We take a headless approach to our eCommerce strategy. And no, this doesn’t mean running around with our arms in the air. Some of our competitors can offer that type of service though (so we hear).

What is Headless?

A headless setup allows us to separate the front-end customer-facing side of your business from the back end commercial side. This enables us to transform the service we provide, producing websites built for speed, that also look sleek and polished. Since we started our headless approach eight years ago, our entire portfolio of 35+ eCommerce websites are all running ahead in this setup. It’s allowed us to open up endless possibilities for experimentation, whilst simultaneously decreasing the risks. For our clients it means being able to offer them complete flexibility, without compromising functionality, and the freedom to integrate with any third parties of their choosing. The whole team at Tom&Co make it their responsibility to help drive the growth of your site. The experience across the group means that you’ll have access to a wealth of expertise.


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Support along your growth journey

We’ll get to know your customers, and how they like buying what you sell. By carrying out efficient A/B testing and in-depth research, we use multiple designs to optimise based on the highest performer. You’re in safe hands. Lots of safe hands. And we’ll keep you updated on progress in a way that suits you best.

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