Turnstyle approached us with the need to modernise their approach online. They are mostly B2B and use stockists around the customer and in the USA to sell their beautiful door hardware. Their website acts as a sophisticated catalogue and quote generation.

Modern design

Unlike more traditional websites, Turnstyle has a modern look & feel with the navigation on the left hand side helping to maximise the extra screen space modern wide screen monitors give.

Configurable products

From a single product page the customer is able to view hundreds of combinations with realistic computer generated renders allowing them to navigate Turnstyle's full product catalogue — some of which combinations have never been made!

Product renders

With over 20,000 products taking photos was not an option. However, as we know it's so important the customer can see their final configuration we had to find another solution. That came in the form of 3D models and clever computer rendering software to generate realistic renders of every combination.

Content Management

A key part of the project was ensuring that we built a website that was easy to manage by the team at Turnstyle. As part of our standard set up we always couple Magento and Wordpress together for this reason.

Wordpress is a powerful content management system and allows us to build very flexible content pages that can be updated and changed without the need to sit in a dark room writing hundreds of lines of code. Phew!

Responsive Design

Ensuring all websites work great on mobile these days is a necessity. It was also important that we had a good stockist locator so that people out and about could use the website on their mobiles with ease.