Plush are one of the biggest sofa retailers down under. They approached us after discovering we specialise in complicated product catalogues. They were also not trading online and needed to find an agency who could guide them through the process of taking advantage of an omni-channel approach.

Complex catalogue

Your style, your configuration, your cover — that was the product brief. To achieve this we had to design a flexible product set up and user journey that allows the customer to configure their perfect sofa from hundreds of thousands choices.

Fabric samples

From our experience with other sofa retailers we knew that fabric samples were crucial to the success of the business, luckily Plush were on the same page. We designed a very quick and easy journey for customers to create their fabric sample packs which are delivered to their door the next day.

Product renders

With 100,000s of products taking photos was not an option. However, as we know it's so important the customer can see their final configuration we had to find another solution. That came in the form of 3D models and clever computer rendering software to generate realistic renders of every combination.

Responsive Design

With a single product that can be configured into hundreds of option it was extremely important that mobile was approached very carefully. By using clever animations and advanced web technologies customers can choice from size and fabrics options all on one screen.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Plush required us to integrate with their Microsoft Dynamics AX. By importing products and using stock control it allows them to manage their product catalogue from their existing processes.