The Project

We were approached by Daisy Jewellery in the middle of 2016 with a brief to migrate their website to a Magento platform. They were on a bespoke platform which was limiting what they could do.

The aim of the new website was to significantly improve design, product presentation, and UX of the website.

The Website

One of the main requirements from the client was to build the website with a strong editorial feel with variety of reusable content blocks. That should supports strong identity of the brand and allows Daisy to manage the website and create additional high quality content.

Blending content and shop

We have decided to seamlessly blend the editorial feel of the content pages with the functional webshop pages. Strong content blocks at the top of the listing pages are not only inspiring visitors but also allowing for some all important SEO copy.

Dynamic filters

Daisy's jewellery come in several different materials and it was important that we present them on the listing pages. We wanted to avoid having duplication of similar items on the listign page so opted for grouping materials together.

That made filtering by material a little odd so we developed Dynamic filters which automatically changes the products material based on the material being filtered.

Responsive Design

With more than 50% of Daisy's traffic comes from mobile devices so delivering optimised UX for mobile was absolutely key. By ensuring Daisy could managed content on both desktop and mobile they are able to keep the website looking just as beautiful on mobile as it looks on desktop.

Product Page

In order to not only present the products but also their packaging and possible cross-sell opportunities, we decided to go for a slightly unusual product page design with a sticky right bar. That allowed us to show visitors a variety of images while keeping the key information always visible.