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How Master Bootmaker, Le Chameau, earned 72% New Customers After Relaunch

India Claydon

August 30, 2023



The charming tale of the Le Chameau wellington boot began in a seaside village in Normandy, France. Claude Chamot befriended farmers, hunters and fisherman alike and discovered a need existed for a robust, yet comfortable boot suitable for all outdoor adventures. 100 years later and Monsieur Chamot’s vision is a reality, renowned across the world for setting standards for the classic Wellington boot. Although the recipe for the classic Wellington boot has remained the same for good reason, in 2022,  Le Chameau wanted to revamp their website which is where we came in!

Spotlighting Brand Story

What immediately stood out to us was the brand’s rich heritage. Did you know Le Chameau boots are handmade by a single master bootmaker, otherwise known as a Maîtres Bottier?  With a century of experience in their craft, we felt compelled to ensure the Le Chameau site was a reflection of this. Working alongside Le Chameau we brought the brand’s story to life through an ‘About Us,’ ‘Our Story’ and ‘Heritage’ page. We ensured the Our Story tab features at the top of the page to connect Le Chameau customers to the brand.  Le Chameau devotees can get stuck into finding out all about how Le Chameau came to be. Fun fact; unable to resist a little word play, Founder Mr Chamot when opening his first factory in Morocco, renamed the brand Le Chameau otherwise known as ‘The Camel.’



Tailoring E-Commerce UX to Individual Users

With each pair of Le Chameau’s being unique, it was imperative to offer a personalised and simplistic UX to the brand’s customers in the buying stage. As Le Chameau boots are investment pieces, it was important to ensure customers could find the perfect pair that they are looking for. We implemented Klevu, the powerful AI merchandising tool that explores customers' previous on-site behaviour and creates a highly personalised experience, for customers. This includes similar product recommendations and smart merchandising.

Designing With Purpose...

With a desire to put an emphasis on the craftsmanship of the brand, imagery has been displayed across multiple PDPs showcasing the boots in the making along with videos showing a day in the life of a Le Chameau Maîtres Bottier.

The Brands Evolution 

Over the years, the fusion of technology and artistic expertise has given rise to a diverse range of Le Chameau collections, suitable for town and country. Wishing to steer away from the misconception the brand only produces Wellington boots, the homepage displays a wide variety of styles. There is even a handy sliding toolbar that displays the categories for the differing occasion and seasons. This not only helps shoppers find the item suitable for their needs, it creates a personalised journey for the customer.


A Great Love of the Outdoors 

Le Chameau’s pride in offering a quality service infiltrates every stage of their customers’ lifecycle. The website offers an abundance of guides covering every topic from product selection, to caring for your boots. Their blog aims to connect their customers through a shared love of the outdoors with articles on farm to fork recipes, gardening tips, walking routes and agricultural updates. 

Ensuring Best in Class Customer Service 

With customers at the forefront of mind, Reviews.io was integrated in order for customers to share feedback on their experience and build brand confidence. We also implemented Gorgias, the customer service help desk tool which allows Le Chameau to respond to customers in real time. Not to forget, a whole dedicated category was added for our canine friends to enjoy LeChameau’s top quality range of beds, bowls and accessories. There is even the ability for customers to upload an image to their reviews so we are treated to images of these happy customers. 5 stars, although his face might not say it!


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